ORGANIC - Ground coffee for moka pot, filter coffee and cold brew - 250 g tin


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Mokasirs Organic ground coffee is a 100% Arabica blend from Central America. The organic cultivation guarantees that the organoleptic qualities of the plant are unaltered and the result is a coffee low in caffeine, with a nicely fruity flavour.

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Low in caffeineedium light roasting
Beans are ground to suit both "moka" coffeemakers and filter coffeemakers.
250 g sealed metal can with lid.
Roasted and packed in Italy

ORGANIC ground coffee is a high quality product and a demonstration of attention towards important and contemporary issues.

ENVIRONMENT: Organic cultivation does not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides and produces up to 50% less carbon dioxide.

HEALTH: Coffee from organic farming keeps the natural plant properties unchanged and no chemical residues of any kind are absorbed by drinking ORGANIC coffee.

TASTE: MokaSirs Organic Coffee has a natural and genuine flavour, because no chemical substance affects the characteristics of the product.

RIGHT: The Euroleaf is the official brand of organic products and guarantees their certification.

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