SIDAMO ETHIOPIA Single-Origin Coffee Beans - 500 g


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Sidamo from Ethiopia is a washed Arabica, growing at an altitude between 1600 and 18900 msl. 
Medium body and acidity, delicate and fruity flavour.

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  • Washed Arabica
  • Medium body and acidity, delicate and fruity flavour
  • Medium roasting
  • Packed (500 g) with three-layer film with compensation valve
  • Roasted and packed in Italy

Why Choosing single-origin coffee?

Single-origin coffees come from a single farm. They are pure, not blended with one-another and they enclose unique and rich aromas. Every single farm has its own soil and climate, which generate the peculiar tastes of single-origin coffees, for connoisseurs in search of something special, to be savored pure.

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